domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2012

Charles de Gaulle with Wai Yi Lai

Wai Yi Lai 黎慧儀
Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris. 2010. Wai Yi Lai.

     "I don't like to travel on plane as I used to be. I prefer train more as it takes longer. It's more "real" to me. Things are too fast now." 
(Artist´s words).

Wai-Yi Lai is a visual artist who was born in Hong Kong in 1977. After she graduated in Fine Arts by the Royal Melbourne Institute of technology, she moved to Helsinky (Filand) to obtein her MA in Environmental Art in Aalto Universtiy. Her work is about the relationship between the environment and people. She does not understand Environmental Arts as nature or lanscape, her work goes further on, it is about the correlation between humans and the entities embracing us.

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