viernes, 29 de abril de 2011

LastCall lands in London.

After three weeks advertising it, last Thursday, April 21st, LastCall landed in London, at 6p, where it is going to remain until next Sunday, May 1st, before it takes off again and sets course for Berlin.

This is a very special exhibition because it is the first time, since its birth last June, that some images from the blog are shown in a space and not just online, althoug this time it is part of a group exhibition: Between Space,

If someone who is reading this post is in London this weekend, you are still on time to come along and visit us in Brixton. The exhibition is going to be open until next Sunday at 4pm.

Brixton is a distric in south London, it is the last stop of the Victoria Line, it is the unofficial capital of the British African-Caribbean community and I love it. I like the music, the colors, the crowd, the voices, I love this about London, you can take the tube, travel for 30 minutes and arrive in another country.

Viewfinder Photography Gallery is inside Brixton Village, I just need 5 minutes walking through Atlantic Road to arrive to the 36. I enjoy watching african and caribbean products, bright and vivid clothes, the tropicals fruits and the fish, and all the time listening to reggae and salsa.

Brixton Village is a 1930s indoor market in the heart of Brixton. Also known as Granville Arcade, In October 2009, Space Makers Agency agreed a project with Lambeth Council and LAP, the building’s owners, to bring a range of new temporary and permanent occupants into the market. Twenty shop units were made available through a competition to find creative, community- oriented and enterprising projects to make use of a space, ranging from new and existing businesses, to community groups, arts and theatre projects and other imaginative uses of space.

Over the months that followed, a host of temporary projects made use of spaces within the market, while many of the new businesses found their feet and became permanent features of the arcade. Space Makers also organised a rolling festival of weekend and evening events, with performances and workshops from artists, musicians, dancers, theatre groups and others from Brixton and elsewhere.

During the twelve months, over a thousand people took part in the project — creating pop- up shops or stalls, launching new businesses, organising events, performances or workshops. The spirit of the project captured the imaginations of thousands of visitors and the attention of the national and international media.


Después de tres semanas anunciándolo el pasado jueves 21 de abril, a las 6.00 de la tarde, LastCall aterrizó en Londres, donde hará escala hasta el próximo 1 de mayo antes de volver a hacer las maletas para despegar, de momento con rumbo a Berlín, el próximo noviembre.

Esta es una exposición muy especial porque es la primera vez, desde que nació la idea de LastCall el pasado mes de Junio, que imágenes del blog se exponen en una superficie física, aunque sea formando parte de una exposición colectiva: Between Space, que habla de lugares, espacios y del mundo inhabitado.

Continúa leyendo el texto en español en Ph´a´ke espaciophake: El Brixton de Susana López

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